Cherry County Playhouse Has Closed It’s Doors

Cherry Co. Playhouse logoThe Cherry County Playhouse theatre company performed at Frauenthal Theatre (as Western Michigan’s Cherry County Playhouse) until Fall, 2003 when it became clear that Muskegon, Michigan could no longer sustain a professional equity theatre company and Cherry County could no longer afford the high costs associated with operating a 1750 seat theatre.

Pamela Gallina had been at the helm for two years and during that time she worked diligently to retire the company’s accumulated debt. Pam and Artistic Producer, Dennis Edenfield managed to reduce the operating budget by nearly half, while producing, what was critically acclaimed to be, some of the best musical theatre in the company’s 50-year history. With the debt dramatically reduced and the individual funding base of the company increasing, it was indeed a hard decision to make, but after negotiations failed with the owners of the theatre, the board of Cherry County voted to close its doors.

Since that time the company has been looking for a new venue to operate where they can both perform and teach. The right venue will have the appropriate mix of sophisticated theatre going audience; community support for a year-round company; and the demand for a professional performing arts team that provides classes and college apprenticeships in dance, acting, vocals, set and costume design. The right venue will be medium to small in size with offices, rehearsal space and classrooms. If you know of such a venue, please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you all again at the theatre!

Pamela Gallina